Excellence in planning and design

“It is our privilege to have the calibre of clients that this practice has had the opportunity to serve.”

“a keen respect for historical precedent”

Geoffrey Brown

I am so fortunate as to have built up a practice that has had the opportunity to create some of Australia’s most beautiful houses and interiors.

I have always been susceptible to my built environment. As a child I was the kid that explored the houses of my parent’s friends and thenn their gardens. It always fascinated me the choices they made whether the floral carpet, the difference of decor in the main bedroom, usually pink to that of  the rear sleep-out.  As a child the Myer Mural Hall transported me into a different world. It was one of the very few glamorous interiors in my world at that time, (aged 4). Gradually, as I explored  more of my city I found other buildings and interiors to further pique my interest. Not many. This starvation became a driving force. Then in the 1960’s the rebuilding started. The growing awareness of what was being demolished by ‘Whelan the Wrecker’ transforming a wonderful city of Victorian and Art Deco architectural heritage into a Brutalist  Wasteland.  All of a sudden what was taken for granted bounced to the  front of conciousness and threatened the equanimity of mine and many other a Melburnian’s life.  A keen respect for historical precedent was born. The romance of all styles of architecture and the feeling that proportion, romance, elegance, intellectualism was being destroyed in a frenzy of ‘modernisation’. I  garnered an excitement in  architectural invention  of my time  and of our European past.   I wanted to have a go! Architecture and decoration, they go hand in hand , are like music. Our spirit resonates to the quality of the buildings that surround us just like when we here music. The logic of architecture and interior design is the same as  in the creation of music. Rhythm, light and shade, diminuendo and crescendo, surprise, repetition and variation ion a theme. We easily recognise dross and the boredom and stress  it spawns as we recognise brilliance. I seek to create in my buildings a reflection of our age. I search for a perfection, while  adding a dollop of joie de vivre  – my clients are beneficiaries of this philosophy I create by and my effort.

I am a native of Melbourne, Australia, educated at Melbourne University and The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.

I have conducted my own practice since 1984 after working for some of Melbourne’s most highly regarded designers: Tas. Phelan, Synman, Justin and Bialek and Denton, Corker and Marshall. Some of my other major influences include the architects Sir Edwin Lutyens,  Hugh Newell Jacobsen, even Mc Kimm Meade and White and  Robert Mallet-Stevens.

Adding Value to Investment

Good design costs the same as bad design. By investing in  good professional advice, there is an immediate value gain in your property far greater than the costs expended.

Don’t take a risk with your investment, gear your property to maximise ROI.

Lifestyle choice or not, it’s still an investment: you can have both the lifestyle choice and maximise your investment for future gain – simply by using the best of design. Mistakes cost the same to manufacture but become more costly with time.
Experience and understanding of this concept is what we offer to our Clients at Geoffrey Brown Design.

  • Exceptional Quality

    We create buildings that are of exceptional quality whether the budget is large or small.

  • Challenging Design

    We create buildings that lift the spirit, challenge the mind and enhance the locality in which they are placed.

  • Excitement & Inpiration

    We create buildings that will excite over time becoming more appreciated as the years roll on and inspire generations of Australians to come.

  • Beauty & Stillness

    We create buildings of beauty in spaces, proportion, detailing and resolution of the demands of the brief, both internally and externally.

  • Architectural Heritage

    We create from the clients ideas an elegant reality and valid contribution to the architectural heritage no matter the style.

Geoffrey Brown Design


Geoffrey Brown Design