Selection of furniture is often misrepresented in the design of a house. The architect/designer rarely do an accurate furniture plan. They assume that it is secondary in the design process. nothing could be further from the truth. A house, like and operating theatre in a hospital has a function just as demanding.  Geoffrey Brown Design  always does an accurate furniture plan to show the true function and size of rooms, the pathways through so the journey from one space to another is fully appreciated. The client can see the logic and practicality of the design.

The style and pieces of furniture augment the style of the architecture. Shops sell the current trend. Items of furniture that will be supercede in the next few years. We all see houses ruined by boring furniture. Comfort abandoned for trend. Personality and character sacrificed for ease and ignorance.

Geoffrey Brown Design envisages the interiors and the type of furniture at conception. The style reflects the client’s taste. The fact that Geoffrey Brown Design offers a furniture design capability liberates the client to have more confidence in the overall design process. They know that the interior will be as appropriate,  gracious and comfortable as the exterior.

Custom designed and manufactured furniture enables the impossible possible, also allowing very talented craftsmen in our community to develop and become even more capable.

Geoffrey Brown Design produce beautiful pieces of timeless furniture with the same intellectual discipline as they do in the creation of their houses.

Geoffrey Brown Design, assesses your inventory of furniture, making note of the attachments one has, the need for more functionality, comfort, layout and can recommend new items to fit with the design and or actually design furniture to suit.

We use expert subcontractors that know like them the importance of the placement of pattern, the correct line of upholstery, the proper proportion, the combination of finishes. The negotiation is done with knowledge and respect of the craftsmen and the precedents that are revered.

It costs money. Geoffrey Brown Design invests the clients funds for the best solution, value and style.

Wood, cloth, furnishings, pillows, drapes, cushions, couches: all in a day’s work at Geoffrey Brown Design.



Choice of timber, fabric, style: all highlight the personality of one's environment. The choice of furniture will define the character of the room. We create new designs as well as match your pieces within our design.