Geoffrey Brown Design understands the importance of landscape just as much as the interior design and the  decoration of the houses they design. The  connection of the exterior of the site to the interior of the building makes efficient use of the whole project.

The house is seen from the exterior through the screen of the landscape.

Landscape frames and concentrates the view just as windows frame the view when looking from the inside out.

Like the interior, colour, texture, forground, middle ground and background need to be thought of, created and augmented.

The landscape/garden extends the form and texture of the house and is of equal part. The landscape adds greatly to the excitment and feeling of the house. The landscape/garden, with excellent planning and knowledge adds to the sociability of the whole property.

The landscape/garden keeps the building alive.

It requires the creative manipulation and coordination of materials and technology, and of light and shadow. Often, conflicting requirements must be resolved. The design of the landscape/gardene also encompasses the pragmatic aspects. Sites that slope down away from the building need to be maintenance simple. If you don’t see it all the time keep it natural. Remeber it will require maintenance no matter what and that is money. Upward sloping sites can be designed and formed because they are seen all the time and  add perspective and draw one into the view.

Geoffrey Brown Design inrealizing the planning, structure and planting of the garden/landscape, incorporate scheduling, cost estimation and construction administration.

Documentation produced by Geoffrey Brown Design, typically drawings, plans and technical specifications, and lists of plants, defines the structure, character, future  behavior of the garden that is to be constructed or renovated.

Geoffrey Brown Design designs gardens for the enjoyment of their clients and with the years engenders more and more pride.

Geoffrey Brown is passionate about gardens just as he is about his hiouses.

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